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Guide to Exercising your Dog

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

1. Walk your Dog

Dog WalkingThis is the easiest and most efficient way of exercising your dog is taking him for walk. It is recommended that you take your dog for long walks twice daily. The length of the walk depends on the size, and fitness level of the dog. Find a local trail or park and progressively increase the length and speed of the walks on a weekly basis. Make this part of your daily routine because you owe it to your best friend.

2. Play Fetch

A fun and highly effective form of exercise is playing fetch. Grab yourself a frisby, tennis ball, stick, or any other dog toy and have yourself a blast! This provides great exercise for your dog, while not wearing you out.

3. Take a Jog

Next time you go for a run take your dog along. Keep yourself in shape, as well as your fellow canine. Hopefully you can keep up with your dog!

4. Take a Dip

With summer coming along soon take your dog for swim in your local pool, pond, river, or lake. Swimming is a great source of exercise for any canine or human. Next time you take your dog for a mid-day swim, join him!

5. Put your dog on a treadmill

If your going to be a couch potato, don’t let your dog suffer. I would have never thought of this 20 years ago, but there has been a recent trend in Dog Treadmills. You can purchase a treadmill specifically for your dog, or just put him on yours!

6. Take a stroll to the local Dog Park

Dog Parks have grown in popularity throughout the past years.

7. Cycle

Next time you ride your bike, take your dog along side of you jogging. This is not for your average canine, but for the more active and fit dogs.

8. Dog Classes

If your dog is getting bored with the exercises mentioned above, enroll your dog in a fitness class. This provides a competitive environment and can challenge your dog not only physically, but mentally.

9. Stair Climbing

This is one of the easiest exercises for your dog, and it can conveniently be done indoors or outdoors. Stair Climbing burns a high amount calories, and increases your dogs fitness level.

10. If you can’t do it, OUTSOURCE!

If you can’t dedicate enough time to your dog, hire someone to substitute for this missed exercising. Dog Walking Services have become popular in recent years and are easily accessible and convenient. Prices range for $10 to $30 dollars for a 20 minute walk.

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