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Indoor Dog Games to Stimulate Physical and Mental Growth!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Picture someone spending time and playing with their dog. In most cases, you might imagine the dog owner playing fetch out in the backyard with the dog, or something close to it. But sadly, not all climates offer outdoor time with your dog. In many places, there are long stretches of time where the dog simply may not be able to handle the weather, particularly colder climates. This means some adjustments may need to be made, including housing your dog indoors, training your dog to use a UGODOG indoor dog potty, and playing indoor dog games.

Indoor dog games are a great way for your dog to enjoy physical and mental stimulation. Read on for some examples of fun games that you and your dog can enjoy. Some of these games offer dog training tips for the owner, so pay attention!

Dog Hide and SeekOne of the noisier, yet more fun games is doggy hide and seek. Have your dog sit in a different room for a second while you hide, and then call the dog. Your dog can then run into the room and run around until he or she finds you! Certain dogs can be fooled for a while, and the excitement causes the dog to run around and get good exercise while hunting you down!

If you and your dog enjoy playing fetch, then consider playing hide the toy with your dog! Show your dog the toy (usually a squeaky one), and then hide it – perhaps under a rug or something similar. Just like the hide and seek game, the dog gets excited running around looking for the toy. You can even tease the dog by squeaking it with your foot if he or she is having trouble tracking it down.

If you want to combine an indoor dog game with a little obedience training, have your dog sit, and then go across the room (or to a different room if you don’t have enough space). Then, call for your dog to come running. Once the dog approaches, immediately tell him or her to sit – the excitement may be too much for your dog, but if well-trained, your dog can hold it in long enough to obey.

Don’t let a colder climate keep you from getting the dog you want. By combining some indoor dog games for stimulation and a UGODOG dog toilet, your dog can live a full and exciting life – just as much as an outdoor dog would!

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