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Funniest Dog Videos Online

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Funny online dog videos. We all watch them. You might not spend hours of leisure time actively looking for them (or maybe you do… actually for a lot of people this is their primary source of entertainment), but if they happen to pop across your screen while you’re surfing the internet, it’s hard not to click play. Dogs are a constant source of amusement for owners and a reminder that playing and fun are essential and much-needed parts of our everyday life. So if you’re a dog lover, and are looking to kill some time at work or otherwise enjoy a laugh or two, here’s a list of the funniest dog videos online.

1. Mishaps

People getting hurt can be incredibly funny, provided the end result is not overly gruesome. For some reason, when dogs are involved, it’s even funnier. This video is a compilation composed in large part of unfortunate canine-human collisions and other spatial miscalculations. 

2. Canine schizophrenia?

I’m pretty sure this dog needs some kind of psychiatric help. He has assigned his left hind leg a personality of its own. I’m not sure Cesar Millan can do much good here.

3. Dog sleep-crying

It sounds like this dog is crying in his sleep, but he might be dreaming that he’s a turkey or some kind of chicken. He seems terribly embarrassed when he wakes up.


4. Dogs falling asleep

Videos of extremely fatigued pets are so popular that they’ve spawned their own YouTube film genre. Kind of sadistic, if you ask me. Here are a few of the funniest dog-falling-asleep videos for your amusement.

5. Bizkit

Bizkit’s sleep walking/running video is relatively famous on YouTube. The fact that it got actual air-time on various local news channels throughout the country is almost as funny.

6. Another study in dog-human relations

And how they can go terribly awry. A very entertaining compilation that is somewhat painful to watch at parts.

7.  The Anti-Drug Dog

You’ve probably seen the anti-drug commercial on TV where a very disappointed canine tells his marijuana-smoking teenage owner that he is disappointed in her. “You’re not the same when you smoke,” says the dog. “I miss my friend.” The people at College Humor have taken the concept and pushed it into new, even funnier heights.

8. Dog Babysitting

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being good with children, but there has to be some kind of boiling point. The baby’s laughter is really what makes this video.

9. Shoplifting Dog

This story was featured on CNN. Several times.

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