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“UGODOG Casting Call” Click Image!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Pog the Pug learned to use the UGODOG

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

November 2009 – Pog the Pug learned to use the UGODOG indoor dog potty system on and posted on

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Benefits of an Indoor Dog Litter Box Solution

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Dogs are wonderful, but their messes are not. When your dog skips out on its housebreaking duties, the mess it leaves catches you between rage and guilt. You’re upset that your animal friend has left you a “gift” that smells and stains your carpet, but caught wondering if you forgot about the walk or came home from work too late. Perhaps you’re furry friend is getting up there in years, and these bathroom problems are just a sign of the times. You almost feel guilty that your dog is growing old.

Whether you are away from home frequently or your pooch’s bathroom habits have gone senile, there are solutions beyond a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle. An indoor dog litter box may be the perfect solution. Messes get isolated without staining the carpet and are easy to clean up. You don’t have to come home boiling and frustrated every time you find a mess. Your pooch can be comfortable while you’re gone without making a mess.

The following are a few benefits of an indoor dog litter box solution.

A litter box is more economical and environmentally responsible than “puppy diapers.”

Those puppy pads add up, not only on your monthly budget, but also on the size of trash you contribute to a landfill that will last thousands of years. Similar to baby diapers, puppy pads don’t easily break down. They’ll be around about as long as the Egyptian Pyramids, but don’t contribute the same legacy. Plus, they’ll cost you a small pharaoh’s ransom over a few years. A year’s supply of puppy pads costs more than $400. Add it up over several years, and you’re paying the price of a quality used car just so your puppy can go to the bathroom. You’d be better of buying them a 1987 Toyota and letting them have their way with the bucket seats.

A litter box keeps it clean.

You can get puppy litter boxes with specialized designs that make the whole process very sanitary, both for you as well as the puppy. The bottom is raised yet absorbent so your dog’s feet stay dry and clean. Solid messes are easily cleaned up, leaving no stain. They are convenient, making it easy to clean up after you’ve gotten home from a tired day’s work.

Puppy potties don’t look like a bathroom.

A puppy litter box doesn’t even look like itself. Much different than what you’d get for a cat, puppy litter boxes don’t scream bathroom. Assuming it’s clean, a guest would look at it and probably wonder what it’s for. It looks more like an exercise mat, although you might want to explain yourself before any houseguest sits down to do yoga. A puppy litter box doesn’t look offensive. It fits inside a house comfortably. Since it’s easy to clean, you can keep it from smelling and looking disgusting. They are also durable if used outdoors, even in the rain, sleet or snow. A good dog litter box can last for years, saving you money on pee pads and contributing less to a landfill while fitting the natural environment of your home.

Saves your dog the embarrassment and you a one-sided argument.

You may not be able to get home from work on time, or your dog may be suffering problems due to age or other health problems. Messes happen. An indoor dog litter box prevents them from happening, giving the dog a clean way to do its business in peace. If you had to go, would you want to cross your legs all day until your dog decided to come home? Give your puppy a chance to relax without contributing to permanent carpet stains and owner guilt complexes that rage in the night.

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