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5 Reasons to Consider an Indoor Dog Litter Box

Monday, December 14th, 2009

ugodog.jpgA litter box for dogs? Has the world gone crazy? No, but you might if you have to pick up another pile of dog remains from your living room carpet. Indoor dog litter boxes make a lot of sense; especially if you live urban areas where having your dog outdoors is not an option. Here are 5 reasons you should consider an indoor dog litter box.


Puppy diaper pads aren’t cheap. A year supply of puppy pee pads can run you $450. Patio potty systems can easily run you over a grand. That’s serious change that can be invested with better alternatives. An indoor dog litter box will only cost you $50 a year. They’re affordable, tough, and provide a sanitary site for you dog. Save your carpet and wallet by investing in a dog litter box for your home.


When you come home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is clean up a dog’s mess. With an indoor dog litter box, the mess is easily contained and quick to clean up. Your dog’s remains settle easily on the top of the grates of the litter box, so clean up is easy and mess free. Simply replace the newspaper from within the dog litter box, for a fresh setting for you dog.


When dogs start to lose their control, they frequently face health problems that can be further antagonized by contamination caused by standing in their own filth. An indoor dog litter box features a raised screen so that the urine is absorbed below while your puppy’s feet stay nice and dry. It’s healthy and clean, saving your dog the indecency of standing in his or her own waste while you’re away. The pad easily absorbs the mess, with the bottom replaced for easy cleanup.

Artificial grass can be very difficult to clean up. Often, the cleanup falls to the wayside, leaving your puppy to suffer.


Indoor dog litter boxes don’t look like a toilet. In fact, your friends may even mistake one for a yoga mat. Unlike puppy pads that scream puppy potty, an indoor dog litter box doesn’t look like a bathroom device at all, except to your dog. Keep it clean, and the potty will blend into the rest of your home. You can keep it in the living room, hallway or kitchen.

Environmentally friendly

Using a dog litter box vs. dog diapers or pee pee pads will minimize the your affect on the environment. Puppy diapers fill up landfills and leak waste. An indoor dog litter box, on the other hand, can last a long time, so you aren’t contributing any pollution to the environment. An indoor dog litter box is an earth friendly alternative.

As dogs get older, they lose their abilities to control themselves, and in results accidents occur. Accidents can also happen as a result of diseases, infection or other physical problems. You may have to work late at the office often, and can’t get home in time. Don’t blame yourself or your dog. Place a dog litter box within your home to reduce the frequency of these accidents.

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