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How To Potty Train Your Dog in One Month

Friday, July 8th, 2011

You’ve made a commitment to having a new family member in your life and now he or she needs to be house-trained. Whether you have a new puppy or adopted a slightly older dog that isn’t yet potty trained from a shelter, you’re going to have to train your new dog where to relieve himself. Potty training can be frustrating and you’ll have to be patient, but below are a few basics to get the process started. The potty training process will take a varying amount of time depending on your dog’s specific temperament, age, and so on. However, if you closely follow these tips, work persistently, and be patient, it can take as little as one month.

Show Them Where To Go:

Make sure it’s easy for your dog to figure out where he should be relieving himself. Take him outdoors or to his UGODOG potty every time you notice he is about to relieve himself.

Be Consistent!

You’ll have to be very vigilant in the beginning of the process to make sure your dog gets the idea. Every time he starts to make a mistake, quickly pick him up and place him where he should be going. If you have a yard, outside is best. But if you live in an apartment or don’t have quick access to the outdoors, his dog potty will be appropriate. The more consistent you are with this, the faster the dog will make a connection.

Don’t Rub His Nose In It!

Literally! There is no reason to do this to a dog and it can actually give them a bacterial infection. Especially with young puppies, it’s unnecessary to punish them like this. Simply placing them outside every time they make an accident will encourage them to find their designated bathroom area next time. Most dogs are eager to please and will figure this out.

On the flip side of punishment, make sure to reward your dog each time he uses his UGODOG potty or signals to go outside. Rewarding positive behavior is much more effective than punishing negative behavior.

Give Access to the Outdoors, often!

The more that your dog is able to go outside the more success he will have and the happier the both of you will be. The idea, of course, is to have a fenced yard where he can safely go out at all times. If you have a dog door, utilize it, or leave a door cracked for him as much as it is safe to do so. This way your dog gets the idea on its own. Once he gets the idea that he’s supposed to go outside to relieve himself he’s likely to try to do that, but if you’re not there to open the door it will lead to a mistake. As a puppy gets older he’ll have more muscle control, but in the beginning he won’t be able to hold it.

Potty Training Pads

Some people like to use pads to train their dogs. These can be a good idea, especially if you live in a smaller city apartment and it’s difficult to take your dog all the way outside every time he needs to use the bathroom. If you don’t have a safe fenced yard or a yard at all, these can be lifesavers. Products like UGODOG are great indoor potties for dogs, and they are more cost effective and environmentally friendly than disposable pads. They also control odors effectively.

Get On a Schedule

One of the best ways to avoid as many accidents as possible is to pay attention to your dog’s natural cycle. In the beginning, potty training is really about how good you are at making sure your dog gets out at the right times. He’s not going to know how to ask to go outdoors in a timely fashion early on, so you’ll have to be on watch for him. A good bet is to let him out after he eats or drinks a lot of water, but he’ll need many outings in the early stages.

Use A Good Cleaner:

Make sure you clean up any accidents really well. The last thing you want is for him to smell a previous accident spot and think it’s a good place to relieve himself again. (Dogs like to designate a place to relieve themselves, and they do so with their sense of smell.) There are excellent products on the market like Nature’s Miracle that do a great job of removing natural odors and stains.

Be Patient:

If you’re consistent and keep on it, in a month or less your dog should at least have the idea of where he should go out. If you have a young puppy, an older dog, or an adult dog that was never potty trained before it may take awhile before you can really count on your new dog to do his business in the right spot. They will probably have the idea in a month, but accidents do happen! Try to maintain your cool and remember how much you love your fluffy four-legged friend. He’s trying to do the right thing for you!


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