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3 Easy Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Deciding to get a puppy is exciting, picking one out is something you will always remember, and playing around at home the first day will fill your camera with the cutest pictures. But, the challenge of owning a puppy will sink in as soon as you begin the dog potty training process. The first few weeks you have a puppy, you must make a commitment to take care of them, have patience when they make mistakes, and be consistent in your training methods so the puppy can learn and soon take care of themselves. Before you make the move and bring a new puppy home make sure you are ready for the task at hand, housebreaking a puppy can be a trying task at times. Three general tips for a future puppy owner are to make sure you have the commitment, patience, and consistency to take care of the puppy. Dogs enrich our lives so much, but remember, you’ve got to make the puppy’s life happy, too!


·      Watch Constantly: When you have just gotten a puppy you’ll want a indoor dog potty otherwise they will wander and potty all over the place. You have to constantly keep a close eye on them to make sure you can properly train them to go potty outside or wherever you designate the appropriate location. Keeping an eye on them is harder than it sounds, but it will help the training process move along quicker.

·        Take them Outside: Every single time the puppy is sniffing around to go potty or immediately after they eat you must take them outside to the designated potty location. This may seem hard at first because the puppy needs to go outside often but as you train them and they get older it will become much easier.

·   Cleaning Up: The puppy will make a mess both inside and outside the house and you have to be committed to immediately cleaning it up. If you don’t clean it up right away, the puppy will likely make a mess there again in the future because they like to return to the same location.

·       Tools for the Job: If you plan on having a puppy, you have to go get all the necessary supplies. You will need to buy a collar with tags, a leash and maybe a harness, food and water bowls, dog crate, toys, and a dog bed. Potty training pads or dog potties like UGODOG are helpful during the potty training process, and can be a great permanent solution for apartment dwellers. The biggest expense will soon become the constant purchasing of dog food, but that comes with the job.


·       Expectations: A puppy is bound to make many mistakes, especially when it comes to going potty in the right location and at the right time. You have to go into puppy ownership with the right set of expectations. Remember that your new puppy’s habits are a blank canvas, and it’s up to you to transform them.

·       Praise: Always praise your dog when they do something right. Immediate praise will help them to learn through repetition what they are doing right.

·       No Yelling: Despite popular belief that punishing a dog will help them to learn, it’s positive reinforcement that really does the trick. Don’t scold or yell at your dog, it will only confuse them. Also, don’t rub your dog’s nose in its mess—it’s inhumane and can make him sick. (You’d never do that to a child, right?) Instead, when you see your dog going potty in the wrong area, or preparing to, pick him up immediately and move him to the appropriate place. When he gets it right on his own, give lots of praise and a treat.


·     Feeding: You have to have a consistent feeding schedule in order to create a consistent potty time schedule. Every time they eat or after drinking lots of water they should be taken outside to go potty. If you plan the meals at the same time every day, it will become a habit for them to go potty right afterwards.

·        Message: Your verbal message should always remain consistent. You can say whatever phrase you like to make them go potty, but make sure to use that exact phrase every single time. It is important to consider the tone you use when saying the phrase because dogs understand tones more than they actually understand words. Dogs pick up on human’s moods, so your message will be more effective if you deliver it with a loving tone.

·        Location: Before you bring your puppy home, pick out one spot that you are okay with for a puppy potty area. Then once you have the puppy, take them to that same location every single time. They will soon realize this is where they are allowed to go potty and once completely trained they will always go back to the same location, making cleanup easier and decreasing the chances of a mess all over your yard.

·   Reward: An often overlooked tool when potty training is the act of offering the puppy a reward immediately after they go potty. It needs to be right after so they know what they are receiving it for, but it will make them want to go out to go potty in the right location and promptly every single time you want them to if they know there is a treat in store for them.


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