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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Hot Dog

A classic costume for dogs the world over, the hot dog costume works best for dogs with longer bodies (namely dachshunds or corgis) but can suit just about any breed so long as your dog is comfortable. Dress up as a hamburger or ketchup bottle to complete the theme.


If you and your dog are fans of The Great Gatsby, the Roaring Twenties, and the Charleston, the flapper dress is the perfect choice. Complete with a fringed dress and headband, the costume makes for a colorful (and cute) outfit. Have the rest of the family dress up as gangsters, gun molls, or jazz artists to match up with your pup.

Bride and Groom

Take puppy love to the next level. If you have a couple of pups, you can dress them up as bride and groom. With a veil and dress for her and a black bowtie, top hat, and jacket for him, and your two pups are sure to look like the cutest newlyweds around.


Like seeing an x-ray of your dog, the skeleton costume is popular for its simplicity and the fact that it’s designed to fit nice and snug on your pup’s body. If you have the time, you can make a skeleton costume with a black t-shirt for children and some white fabric paint. Match with a skeleton costume of your own.


Turning your dog into a mummy is an easy way to really bring out some canine Halloween spookiness. Buy some white gauze strips and wrap them gently around your pup. If you prefer to recycle, you can tear strips out of an old white sheet instead of using gauze. Don’t wrap your pup up too tight and avoid covering his paws, ears, face, and bottom. Dip the strips in some tea and let them dry before wrapping your dog up to add that extra antique effect, as though your mummified pup has just been exhumed.

Doctor or Scientist

Alter a plain white shirt by trimming the hem and the sleeves. Paint a red cross onto the coat and add a toy stethoscope if your pup prefers the medical profession. Give him a pair of safety goggles and tease his hair to turn him into a doggy scientist.

The Sweater

While it’s not entirely a costume, a sweater is still a great way to keep your dog fashionable, festive, comfortable, and warm when you’re at a party or hunting for candy. There are a ton of sweaters on the market that feature Halloween-themed prints.

Happy Halloween to you and your pup!


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