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What to do when your dog barks at other dogs on walks

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

barking dogIf your dog is a bit of a barker when they see other dogs in the area, you can work to condition another response, and your strategy depends on why they are barking in the first place. If they are barking because they are nervous about the other dog and therefore fearful, giving them tasty treats as the dog passes by can help. The idea is similar to an open bar/closed bar scenario. When a dog is in the vicinity, the bar is OPEN (continual feeding, small pieces). When the dog has passed by and is no longer in sight, the bar is CLOSED.

Make sure you keep your dog at a distance from the other dog to minimize the chance they will bark and make sure the treat is tasty enough that they will want it more than they want to bark at the other dog. You can also reward your fearful dog for simply looking at the other dog. From a distance where your dog is looking but not yet barking, say ‘yes’ or ‘good’ or click with a clicker while you dog is looking and then give a treat. Every time he looks, he gets a ‘yes/good/click’ from you and a tasty treat. Do not get closer to the dog, but over time see if you can work with your dog in closer proximity to the other dog while playing the “look at that” game.

If your dog is barking because he is merely excited or wants to say hi, do not reward the barking/lunging behaviors with letting him greet the other dog. Get their attention (at first with a tasty treat if necessary or increase your distance from the other dog) and ask them for a ‘sit’. Once they do that, they will have stopped barking and you can give them the treat (if they want it) then allow them to say hello to the other dog. Getting access to the other dog is the BIG reward here, so you can use that as his reward for sitting and ceasing the barking behavior. The more you practice this, the faster your dog will get it! For more information or to contact me, visit

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Love on your pets today – they make the world go round!

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

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UGODOG can save the day when you can’t get home in time to let your pup outside!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

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UGODOG Training Tip #10 – Help shy dogs be more social

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

If your dog is shy because they haven’t had many ‘pawsitive’ experiences with people, or they didn’t enough socialization as a puppy, or you rescued them and don’t know what may have happened to them—the way you help them feel better about people is the same. Follow these easy steps:

1. Acknowledge that your dog is afraid and do something to change that feeling.
2. Recognize the behavior that comes with that fear may manifest itself in barking, growling, tucking his tail under, or just shying away from people. Punishing (saying ‘no’ for example) the behavior does nothing to change the feeling that your dog is experiencing.
3. Reward - An easy way to help your dog perceive people in a more positive light is to give him a VERY tasty treat each and every time they see a person, or have the person give your dog a treat, or toss it to your dog.

Do NOT allow the person to pet your dog unless the dog seems happy to see the person and is wagging its tail and comestoward the person. We want your dog to feel SAFE around people, and therefore less afraid. If they are afraid they are going to be touched, they will not feel safe. If you need to start seeing people from a distance initially for your dog to take treats from you, you can start there. Only go closer if your dog seems comfortable. If they growl or bark, you have pushed them beyond their ‘comfort zone’ and you need to take them back to where they feel safe. Pay attention to your dog’s body language—if they want to move closer, they are not as afraid, if they don’t, that speaks volumes as to what they are thinking. As they begin to associate (tasty) treats with seeing people, they will begin to look forward to seeing people, and perceive them as less threatening. Look for this ‘happy’ response—a tail wag, looking expectantly for treats, etc. Such a better response than barking and growling when they see people! For more information or to contact me, visit

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Why UGODOG is the Highest Rated Pet Toilet

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Are you looking for an affordable, durable, and easy-to-use pet toilet system? Well, UGODOG offers you the highest rated pet toilet system in the world that makes everyday cleanups easier and hassle-free. As the only dog potty system that meets the American Pet Association standards, UGODOG has the distinction of receiving a 5-star rating for its stealth, durability, affordability, and technology that helps keep your pet and house clean and free from mess, bacteria, and odor. It is an ultimate solution for people who love pets but have no yard of their own, where they can find the right spot to relieve themselves.
Keeps Paws Dry
The highest rated pet toilet, UGODOG uses unique convex shaped grates that allow urine to pass through easily and collect at the base so that the pet’s paws stay dry and clean. The easily removable grates are sturdy enough to hold pet of any breed or size. Its litter box has been designed to make the cleanup process easy, simple, without burdening the environment, unlike artificial grass alternatives that are a hassle to clean and may breed harmful bacteria, with no convenient way to clean or disinfect them.
Easy To Clean, Odor Free
You can use either peed pads or even old newspapers as an absorbent in the UGODOG system, which sit pretty at the base and are covered by a high quality, sturdy plastic grate, so there is no risk of your pet tearing them off. You may even choose nothing at all as an absorbent, since everything collects at the solid base, which can be emptied into the toilet. Being easy to clean, UGODOG toilet systems are odor free, unlike artificial grass alternatives that become very smelly within days of use.
Environmentally Friendly
UGODOG pads have been designed keeping the environment and pet safety in mind. UGODOG uses biodegradable, washable, and reusable pads, which are safe for the environment, unlike pee pads that take so long to degrade. Even if you use newspaper as an absorbent, it is recyclable and not harmful to the environment in any way.
Ideal for Indoor-Outdoor Use
The highest rated pet toilet system is a stylish indoor potty for pets of all shapes and sizes, while it is equally perfect for outdoor use. You can carry it wherever you go. So now you no longer have to worry about finding the right spot for your pet when you go on a holiday. UGODOG’s potty system will serve all purposes, while keeping your puppy neat and clean.
Affordable Option
UGODOG is designed to last long compared to grass potty systems that are a mess to use after a prolonged period. This highest rated pet toilet system by UGODOG uses the highest quality materials and an innovative technology for lasting durability. Pee pads cost an ordinary pet owner a minimum of $400 per year, whereas the UGODOG potty system comes at an unbelievable price of $50 and doesn’t require you to buy pee pads.

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It’s summer time, do dogs need sunscreen?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Protect your pets from getting sunburned. Here’s a helpful article:

Here’s a helpful article:

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UGODOG Training Tip #9 – Anxious dog alone all day

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

How to help your anxious dog feel better about being home alone
Being left ‘alone’ can be very anxiety-provoking for many dogs that are not accustomed to it. Dogs are social animals and enjoy being around the other members of their group, whether you have two legs or four! PREVENT this from happening by having your puppy spend short periods alone in his/her kennel while you are in another area of the room, and eventually in another area of the house, keeping time in the kennel short at first, with gradual increases. Ignore any whining, and provide some yummy chewies in the kennel to make alone time easier and more pleasant. Let your puppy out BEFORE they finish their treat.
If your dog already has a mild case of separation distress (NOT full blown separation anxiety) these tips will help:
• Exercise your dog before you leave—a tired dog is more likely to sleep while you are gone.
• Put on some background noise, such as a TV or radio to mimic the house’s noises when you are around.
• Keep comings and goings LOW KEY—ignore your dog for the first few minutes you get home and before you leave. You may be inadvertently contributing to the problem!
• Toss your dog a stuffed chew toy or goodie as you walk out the door-now your dog anticipates your departure as something GOOD, not something bad 
For more information on Separation Anxiety, or to get some help on working through this difficult problem, contact me at

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UGODOG Trainging Tip #8 -Train your dog not to bark

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

How to prevent your dog from barking while you are away.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. In many cases for dogs that are left home alone for long periods of time barking can be due to boredom or anxiety. Bark collars or other equipment can be purchased and sometimes can work to curb the barking behavior, but do nothing for the underlying cause of the behavior. So do your dog a favor and work to discover WHY your dog is barking! THEN you can explore ways to help your dog feel better and therefore decrease his barking. To relieve boredom, stuff-able rubber toys or sterilized bones can be left filled with their favorite food/treats and give them something to chew on, puzzle toys or other interactive toys can also help. Two examples are Linkables or the Kong Wobbler. For dogs that are barking because of anxiety, my next week’s tip will contain information on that subject. For more information or to contact me, visit

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