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UGODOG Tip #13 – Understanding Dog Body Language

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

How well do you really know what your dog is communicating to you? Experts say that humans can understand what a dog is communicating through small nuances in their behavior and expression. It is never possible to truly understand what your dog is feeling all the time. But here are some tips that might guide you to better understand the subtle signals your dog is giving.

- sudden bounces, chest and elbows down with its ears flattened and its rear end in the air
- jump excitedly and bark, grin and wag its tail, run around in circles, and roll over.
- wagging the tail round in circles and/or vibrating

- tail hanging low or tucked between its legs
- ears stand back, the dog is most likely
- let’s out a quiet coward, or whimper
- dog may instinctively crouch close to the ground to protect its belly

- tail will be wagging in wide sweeps, hanging down
- ears are down and its fur is smooth along its shoulders and back
- typical sniffing pattern with your dog–first nose to nose, then the genitals

- approaches with great interest, ears alert and eyes have a hard expression and stare
- wagging tail is stiff and held high
- growling or showing its teeth, a dog behaving like this has a chip on its shoulder
- Fur standing straight up, hackles are raised

- dog will lie on its belly with its ears flattened and the fur along its back flat and smooth
- looks away from other dog/human and may roll over onto its back
- exposed belly

- exposed belly, rolling on back
- head back, ears back and stretched body
- down dog position
- paw and legs or feet

- walking back and forth and shaking as if wet
- yawn with small whine
- ears pricked up toward each other and panting or yawning
- excessive licking nose or owner
- begins panting quickly with little or no exercise

- ears are pricked and tilts head side to side
- suddenly stops and raises ears
- tail straight back, head looking side to side

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5 Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

If you are like the folks at UGODOG, you have thought about taking a summer road trip this year, but still haven’t planned it. Summer is already in full swing and it is time to get away. You’re in luck UGODOG found 5 fun, dog-friendly spots. You can go for weekend trip or even turn it into an extended vacation. All you need is a few days, a map, and your best friend (your dog of coarse) – ’cause we’ve worked Fido into our game plan. Check out these locations that are happy to have you and your pup.

1. Denver, Colorado
Denver Dog
One of the most pet-friendly cities in the nation, Denver has a myriad of nature hikes, swimming wholes and even pet-friendly dining. If you are looking for a hotel in Denver, check out the Hotel Monaco it’s excellent for families and pets alike. This boutique hotel goes above and beyond in service, it has everything from bicycles to borrow to free to a hosted wine hour and coffee, they even have a pet spa so your pup can get a “Pawdicure”. It is even walking distance to dog park and exercise area.

After a good night’s rest, start your day off at St. Marks Coffee House in the heart of the active neighborhood on 17th Avenue. There is a large patio, local coffee and pastry fans enjoy the outdoors here with their friendly dog pals all day long. Your dog can enjoy some water from a bowl, while you enjoy the sunshine and an iced late.

Once you’ve gotten your caffeine fix, pack up and spend the day on a long nature hike. Try Sand Creek Regional Greenway if you are looking for a nice half day hike. Make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks because this is a 13.5 mile hike and is moderately difficult. It is near Denver metro so it won’t take you long to get there. But, if you are looking for something less challenging you can try Green Mountain Open Space 4.3 mile hike.

There are many great spots in Denver where you can dine with your dog. It is a rare occasion when you can have an upscale dinner where dogs are welcome. Dine at the Black Pearl where everything is local, all the produce is seasonal and ingredients are fresh. The belief behind Black Pearl is that where and how your food is produced is as important as how it tastes. Bring Fido and enjoy this fantastic contemporary American cuisine restaurant.

There is no better way to end a hot day than with ice-cold scoop of delicious ice cream. Bring you pooch to Skoops Ice Cream and More to enjoy its delightful selection of ice cream. Not only does this joint allow you to enjoy a cool treat but your dog can too. Skoops sells ice cream and yogurt specifically made for dogs. Open late every night, it’s the great end to a sun-soaked Denver day.

Before leaving town enjoy a historical lunch, at the Old Capitol Grill. It is actually located in the original state capitol building that housed its first legislature sessions from 1866 to 1867. Enjoy casual American cuisine on its outer tables where you may bring your leashed, well-behaved dog. Old Capitol Grill even has bowls of water available for your thirsty pal.

2. Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach Dog This high-end, famous coastal town has several attractions that will keep the whole family happy. Pull into town and check into Island Hotel Newport Beach, the hotel is dog friendly for dogs up to 50lbs and requires a pet deposit so lay down your indoor dog toilet so there are no accidents, you don’t want to have to pay for.

If you enjoy shopping make your fist stop Fashion Island, it is one the few outdoor malls that allows you to walk around with your dog. And it’s one of the bigger attractions in Dog Friendly Newport Beach. The mall lies along Upper Newport Bay and features fun spots like Muttropolis – a fun pet store with a fresh concept or Newport Coast’s Dogma, a store where you can learn a wealth of information about healthy dog food.

If you get hungry whilst shopping stop at Bloomingdale’s 59th & Lex Café on the outdoor patio they allow you to dine with your pup. After lunch, take time for stopping and admiring the koi pond and fountains before packing it in.

By now your pup will want to get out and get some exercise, head out Newport’s dog friendly beach. Leashed dogs are allowed on the ocean front of the before 10am and after 4:30pm which leaves you plenty of time to catch sunset, on one of the famous beaches of the OC. In the evening you can go to famous Spotlight on Balboa Island where you can dine, shop and enjoy beautiful ocean views. Check out Balboa Sushi 21, they allow dogs on their patio.

2. Sonoma Valley, California

Sonoma Wine DogThe scenic West Coast gem of Sonoma, California, is most known for its beautiful vineyards and open green fields. Surprise! Sonoma is also the ideal spot for a relaxing weekend with Fido. Did you know that expansive wineries you see in Sonoma aren’t strictly for humans? In fact there are over 50 wineries that dog friendly establishments. Our personal favorite is Mutt Lych Winery a wonderfully whimsy winery where wine and “all things dog” collide into something truly special. Sample the award winning wines with dog-awesome labels. Feel good about the money you spend there since Mutt Lynch Winery is proud to support local animal rescue organizations in their tireless efforts to save pets’ lives. A portion of proceeds from every bottle of Mutt Lynch wine is donated to support local animal rescue organizations. So pack your picnic, make sure it is filled with plenty of cheese, grapes, jerky treats and tennis balls. At this relaxing winery you can take a break, lay down a blanket and play some ball with your pup. But, if you are looking for something more upscale will love Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery, Tuscany style wines and are known for their reds. Located close to downtown and Friday nights in the summer they have live music.

After a day in the sun and tasting assorted wines, grab some chow at Howards Station Café or at Glen Court Café, both spots offer doggy menus making dining together as family possible. If you prefer many other restaurants in the area offer dog friendly balconies and good food too.

Now that you are dog tired, check into one of the many pet friendly, quaint Bed and Breakfasts in the sleepy town of Glenwood. We recommend Olea Hotel situated in a friendly neighborhood with walking space and green roads.

When you wake up the next day and your dog needs some more time outdoors, feel free head over to one of the regional parks in the area for some doggy one-on-one time. Hikes range from easy to difficult depending on the park so make sure to choose according to your dog and your experience level.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin Dog
Roll into town and book at the Lake Austin Spa and Resort. Reasonably priced luxury rooms with packages that include all your meals, you may never want to leave. The spa takes advantage of its proximity to the Highland Lakes and the Hill Country by offering such activities as combination canoe/hiking trips and excursions to view the wildflowers. The aromatic ingredients for soothing spa treatments, such as a honey-mango scrub, are grown in the resort’s garden, also the source for the herbs used at mealtimes.

If you can pull your-self away from the grounds of the hotel, experience one of the 12 off-leash parks, Austin has to offer. Whether cooling off in the creek at Bull Creek District Park or taking a tour of the city in horse-drawn carriage, there are plenty of ways for your dog to enjoy themselves while in Austin. A large number of restaurants and stores welcome dogs, so be sure to take them out with you when you’re hitting the town and enjoy the sights of this beautiful Texas city with your best four-legged friends.

When you’re ready to leave the mountain life behind, it’s time to take your dog on an urban adventure. In Austin, you and your dog can travel most anywhere together. Most retail establishments have adopted a dog friendly attitude as long as the dogs are well-behaved and friendly. Most restaurants in Austin follow a similar mindset and allow for your furry friend to hang out on the patio as you take in the sights as well as the food of the thriving city.

When the cityscape begins to become overwhelming for either you or your dog, Austin also offers over 15 off leash dog parks to take your pooch to unwind and socialize. It is very important on a trip like this to observe your dog’s emotions and take care of their instinctual needs.

4. Orlando, Florida

Orlando Fl dog hike
Looking for a place to stay when in Orlando, thanks to the location of Disney World and Universal Studios, many hotels in the area are pet friendly and even offer dog-sitting services while you and your family go and enjoy the park. Try La Quinta Inn Orlando International Drive it is pet friendly! Up to two pets of any size are allowed in each room for no additional fee. Pets may not be left in the room unattended for long days away so remember to pack your UGODOG, a porch potty to put on the balcony, so you can check out some of the not-so dog-friendly sites.

A must do is the Big Toho Airboat Rides on lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee. On the lake you will be allowed to observe gators, birds, and other types of wildlife in their natural habitat. Dogs are allowed on these tours as long as they are well-mannered and accustomed to boating. After spending a morning on the lake take your dog to play at the off-leash park Barber Dog Park great for small dogs with own separate section or Baldwin Park where water dogs can swim in the lake.

Sunday morning wake up and check out Lake Eola Park lively farmer’s market that is held from 10am to 4pm leashed pets are also welcome. Although Lake Eola Park is technically not a dog park, the one mile walking path around the lake is popular with pets and their owners. There are also several pet-friendly events held throughout the year at the park.

Or if you are looking for a camping adventure Turkey Lake Park is the place for you and your pup. Turkey Lake Park is a pet-friendly Orlando campground that features a butterfly garden, hiking trails, games, and more. While in town be sure to visit Sam Snead’s, the location where Governor Jeb Bush signed the doggy dining law that allows well-behaved dogs to sit with their owners at outside locations.

5. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod Dogs
Cape Cod has a quite a few quaint hotels that allow dogs, and is one of the best pet-friendly destinations in the world. Cape Cod’s dog-friendly hotels are concentrated most around Provincetown. It is recommended you call well in advance to make bookings. Top recommended hotels for dogs are Cascade Motor Lodge, located in the heart of the vacation destination, and Comfort Inn Hyannis. There are no dog walking services here either so bring your UGODOG in-door dog potty.

A good way to check out many sites at once is on Hy-Line Harbor Cruises, located at Ocean Street Docks in Hyannis, Massachusetts they welcome well behaved dogs on their vessels as long as they are leashed. On Hy-Line Harbor Cruises you take a traditional ferry to both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

If beaches are your thing there are many in the area and are widespread but you must watch out for summer dog restrictions on some of the beaches. Truro, Wellfleet, Orleans, and Eastham Beaches are those that are always accepting our pups. On these beaches, dogs are allowed anywhere there isn’t a designated swim beach for humans so stake out a nice sunny spot for you and your dog and feel free to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

A good old fashion family night out is always fun. At Wellfleet Drive-in Movie Theater, located at 51 Highway 6 in Wellfleet, Massachusetts you’ll have the unique opportunity of experiencing movies the way they used to be watched, but this one allows your dog. If you do bring your do dogs they must be quiet, well-behaved, leashed and cleaned up after.

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While the pooper-scooper is one of those great inventions a pet owner relies on, maybe relying on UGODOG’s potty-training tips would be of equal value to you? Check ‘em out!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Pass this along to someone you “wuff” today!

Friday, July 19th, 2013

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What are the best dog potty options? Grass or No Grass?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Are Grass Litter Boxes Good For Dogs?
grass dog potty
Do you constantly worry about reaching home quickly from office to take your pet out? Are you often frustrated at seeing pee spots on your floor? Well, there is a viable alternative to keeping your pet and house clean. Get your hands on the litter box for dogs and give your pet a safe place to potty and stop worrying about everything else.
Most dogs easily learn to use the UGODOG in-door litter box because of the pheromone scent that lets them know where to potty. A convenient method to train a puppy to do his business is a litter box for dogs because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. With plenty of room for the pet to turn on, a litter box is an ideal solution to your canine’s toilet needs. It is spacious enough for the dog to mess around while not letting the pee leak out. The box uses anti-microbial , which is scented enough to attract your dog to the box and also prevent growth of odor, unlike the grass litter boxes alternative that release a bad odor just after a few days of use. Moreover, the plastic box is weatherproof.
If you are somebody who spends most of the time at office, with nobody to look after the pet at home, a litter box is the best thing you can have to make life easier for yourself as well as your puppy. It is easier to train your pet to eliminate on the pet friendly box. The basin of the box can hold over 2 liters of fluid. What’s more, cleaning the plastic litter box isn’t a hassle either; simply empty the box into the toilet and flush. However
Is a Grass Litter Box a Viable Option?
But grass might not be a viable alternative, since it becomes sticky and unsanitary and run the risk of permanently trapping bacteria. Even worse, these don’t dry out quickly, thus posing a risk of wetting the dog’s paws and causing them to wet the entire house, tracking bacteria and urine all over the house. However since the UGODOG litter box for dogs is weatherproof it’s a better alternative for use on a porch.
The in-door litter box for dogs is like a backyard in a box, which offers you the perfect dog potty solution if you stay in high-rise buildings, apartments or have to frequently travel by boat and recreational vehicles. But there are still better options for potty training than grass dog potty in the form of UGODOG indoor dog potty system, which doesn’t use grass. Rather, it uses a plastic grate, with cubical holes, where your pet can easily eliminate. What’s more, the -less option is easy to clean and doesn’t release any odor. Also, these are cheaper than the grass litter box for dogs, which need the to be replaced periodically to keep the odor and bacteria away. UGODOG is a much better alternative for use indoors, as they don’t stay wet and can be easily cleaned.

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UGODOG Tip#12 – Teaching Patience

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Patient Dog Training
Teaching your dog to ‘wait’ is a great way to help him or her learn some impulse control and can be used in training fun things as well. “Wait” will mean for your dog to stay in a particular spot, and “OK” will tell him he can get up and move.

To start, you can have your dog in a doorway (on leash if the doorway leads to a street) have him/her sit, give a reward (‘yes’ and treat) and take a step back. If he stays put, say ‘yes’ and deliver another treat. Take two steps back or one step and pause for another moment. If your dog stays put, say ‘yes’ and reward again. If he moves towards you, say ‘uh oh’ and use your body to get him to move back to his original spot. Ask for a sit again and reward for attention and compliance. After your dog is successful sitting there for a few moments, say “OK” and toss a treat on the floor ahead of him. OR, say “OK” and let him come to you through the doorway (that can be the reward!). Once he get the idea of sitting in a spot until you release him with “OK” add the cue of “wait” after you have asked for a sit. Other applications for this behavior:
• Before getting out of the car (it may be dangerous for him to just jump out when you open the door). Use your body to block him from jumping out, reward for staying until you give him the “OK”. For the dog, the reward is getting to get out of the car! No food treats are needed.
• Before getting to eat their food. What a huge jackpot for a simple 3-? second ‘wait’!
• Before getting to search for a toy or treat you may have hidden for him—a fun way of getting some mental stimulation!
For more information or to contact me, visit

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Ever wonder how much your dog sleeps during the day?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

According to an article found on The Daily Puppy most dogs, on average, clock in approximately 14 hours a day of sleeping time. So waking them up for some fun play time shouldn’t be a problem!

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UGODOG Tip #11 – How to prevent your dog from ‘resource guarding’

Monday, July 1st, 2013

By Jen Jeffress, behaviorist and trainer at Pawsitive Encounters

Resource guarding can happen when your dog has something he/she doesn’t want to share and can act aggressive if she believes you are going to take it from her. Your dog may growl, freeze, stare or even snap if a hand comes to close to her precious item. If you have children in the house, this is a very big problem. Most of the time, it is easy to deal with and even easier to prevent. If you have a puppy, it is relatively simple to teach them that people around their valued items is a ‘good’ thing. You can:
- Pet them for short periods while they are eating (or better yet, hand feed them their meals for early bite inhibition training and to use as rewards for different behaviors such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘come’).
- Take their food item away for a brief moment before giving it back to them
- Dribble yummy tasting goodies into their bowl while they are eating, or take their bowl/item, add something even better, and then give it back.

We want them to associate good feelings with people around their ‘precious’.
If you have an adult dog, or a newly-adopted rescue, going through the previously mentioned techniques can prevent possible future guarding behavior from occurring. If you have been seeing some stares, freezes, or heard a growl in association with people near goodies he may have, it is important to act quickly to change his perception. Never take anything without offering your dog something HIGHER in value (for him) as a trade. Adding good treats to the food bowl, and working your way up to taking the food bowl for the additions is another method. ONLY up the ‘ante’ if your dog is looking forward to your advances. If you perceive any discomfort or bad feelings from your dog, back up and spend some more time at a previous step. If your dog shows very aggressive behavior when guarding food/toys/locations or anything else, please contact a professional dog trainer before you start any training program. For more information or to contact Jenn Jeffress and visit

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