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Winter Blues

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Winter DaysCold winter days are closing in and it is becoming more and more challenging to go outside for frequent walks. Chances are there are going to be days this winter when you aren’t going to want to go outside at all and neither will your pup. What are you going to do in the house all day? Cabin fever will start to set in quickly. Here are some ideas to get you through the the winter blues.

Doggy Obstacle/Agility Course
Courses can be endlessly arranged in the home to provide new challenges both physically and in your rapid-fire communication with your dog while running a course.

Jumps: Use a a bar that cannot be easily knocked off by your dog’s foot to avoid injury. You can have more than one jump in a set so that you can vary the challenge. You can make jumps inside the house using 2 pieces of plywood (cut exactly the same height) and an old broom handle or sometime teaching your dog to jump over the back of the couch could work.
Chutes: Chutes are a great tool for agility dogs as it teaches them to trust their handle. You can purchase nice quality, and flexible so it folds up flat for storage.
Tunnels: Tunnels can be one of the most fun and challenging parts of an agility course for some dogs, especially since for your dog, going as fast as you can through a long, dark space is an amazing act of trust. So a tunnel is a great addition to your at-home obstacle course.

Exercising with your dog should be fun for both of you, here is how Dog Hide-n-seek works:
1. Select an item–your dog’s favorite toy, a treat, etc. When your dog isn’t looking, hide the item. If your dog is new at this, start off with the item under a pillow or behind a table close enough to find. If your dog is a pro, make it challenging.
2. Now tell your dog “Find it!” Run along with your dog, encouraging him as you go.
3. Be sure to offer lots of praise when your dog finds the item.
4. Now, it’s your turn! Be creative and think up new ways to play Doggy Hide and Seek.

Indoor Dog Potty
While you are stuck inside inevitably your dog will have to go potty. If you are snowed in or just to raining outside and neither of you want to deal with the cold weather, then you can consider training your dog to go inside. UGODOG is a easy to use potty system, once your dog is trained it will alleviate the worry of how to get outside each time your pup has to use the toilet.

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Occupied Dog = Happy Dog

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Keeping your pup occupied during working days

A long day at work for you often means your puppy is alone for several hours. While you’re away the dog will play, exercising normal dog activities such as chewing, scratching, digging, jumping, running, hunting or tearing things apart. The trick is to appropriate these activities in constructive ways that we as humans can live with and keep your dog comfortable while you’re gone.

You’ll want to start by giving your dog several different textures ie. something that can be torn apart (rope, stuffed toy), something that has “give” to the power of his jaw (ball, rubber toy), and something that is very hard to scrape teeth against (knee bone, marrow bone, knuckle bone, hard Nylabone!”) to occupy his time.

Provide activities that use the dog’s sense of smell will help to occupy his time for longer period of time. Since a very large portion of a dog’s brain controls their olfactory function, the more we create activities where they get to use their nose, the more stimulated and tired they will get.

Ideas for Time Passers
While you are gone you’ll want to keep your dog busy so that he doesn’t get into trouble and mess up your lovely home.
- Soak a rope toy in chicken broth and freeze, give it to the dog when you are leaving for a few hours
- Hide treats inside old socks or rags and tie them tight, so the dog has to work to get them out
- Purchase raw knuckle bones or marrow bones from your butcher. Give them to your dog frozen to make them last longer (and stay neater) and refreeze between use.
- Kiddie Pool, if you have a backyard, deck or balcony put a plastic kiddie pool with water and fill with objects, such as apples, balls and plastic
- Try hide-and-seek – hide treats around the house before leaving so your dog will seek them out while you are gone.
- Peanut butter Kong – fill a Kong toy with peanut butter usually it will take hours for the dog to lick it clean

Keeping him Comfortable
Providing a dog with his basic essentials will ease his longer stays without you.
- Plenty o’ water, you might even want to give him a bucket, and to keep it cool add some ice.
- A cool place to lay, if he is staying inside make sure there is air or a fan running, if outside shade is essential. A slab of tile or granite in a shaded cool place is helpful; dogs like to press their belly against cool surfaces.
- A place to go potty, if you don’t want your house, yard, deck or balcony to smell from frequent urination in the same place try the UGODOG. It is easy to train your dog and easy to clean –perfect for protecting surfaces from funky odors.

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UGODOG Health Tip of the Week: Detecting Polyuria

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Does your Dog eliminate an excessively large amount of urine which is very light or clear in color and almost odorless?
This is called POLYURIA.

Polyuria occurs when the body’s normal ability to conserve water for itself does not work properly. Conditions causing Polyuria include subtle and long-term changes in hormone balance as well as more serious problems, such as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract infection, certain cancers, etc.

The UGODOG system enables dog owners to monitor their pet’s urination habits easily. In addition, the PawCheck urine home-tests offer valuable information to pet owners about their dog’s health conditions. An early detection will improve both the cost and the outcome of treatment options.

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Love Your Pet UGODOG Promotion

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

To celebrate Valentines day and the love for your pet, PawCheck® and UGODOG® are having a joint-promotion during the month of February. To all loving pet parents concerned about the well-being of their pets, a free PawCheck® Diabetes home-test is offered with every purchase of an UGODOG® dog potty training system.
UGODOG FREE Wellness test kit
PawCheck® are easy-to-use urine home tests enabling pet parents to monitor common health conditions of their dogs in the comfort of their home. If your dogs show suspicious symptoms, are overweight or middle-aged, early screening for Diabetes is recommended.

UGODOG® is the world’s most popular and easy to use dog potty and house training system. It keeps your dog’s paws dry, is convenient and easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. It is a must-have for dogs who live indoors and need multiple opportunities daily to urinate without having to go outdoors. UGODOG® also makes for a very convenient and easy way to collect urine for testing using PawCheck® test kits. The urine passes through the grates and collects in the tray below where it can be easily accessed with a PawCheck® dipstick.

PawCheck® and UGODOG® together form the first ever integrated solution for convenient in-home monitoring of your pet’s health.

Please visit and for more information.

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Teaching an Older Dog New Tricks

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

There are many reasons why you would want to potty train an older dog to use an indoor dog potty system.
1) As dogs get older many have more difficulty walking
2) The weather outside may be intolerable for your older dog.
3) Requiring more frequent relief and you may not be able to provide that for him (due to your own schedule with work, family, etc.)

Whatever the reason, an indoor dog potty system may be the solution for you and your beloved older dog. You’ll need patience and persistence for this project.
Be extremely consistent with your schedule and keep the UGODOG potty system clean for him. Also, keep the potty system at the same spot, don’t move it around your home or place next to food or water source.
If your older dog is accustomed to going outdoors with a leash, you may want to use the leash indoors to let him know that it’s time to “go potty”. The idea is to keep as many of the old habits as possible to help him learn the new ones.
Make sure to reward your dog when he does something right. Positive reinforcement has and is an excellent tool that you can use to train your older dog.

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Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Dog Lovers

Monday, December 30th, 2013

New Years UGODOG
#1 Adopt a pet from your local shelter
#2 Spend more time out doors with your pet
#3 Switch to all organic dog foods
#4 Donate to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
#5 Teach your dog a new trick
#6 Volunteer at your local pet shelter
#7 Leave work on time to play with your dog more
#8 Become a foster parent for a pup
#9 Establish a healthy eating schedule
#10 Tell your dog you love him/her every day

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Dog Friendly Road Trips

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Planning a road trip are some of the most wonderful times any of us will experience and why not experience it with your beautiful dog? Why shouldn’t they enjoy the trip with their family like everyone else?
Travel Dog
Here are some tips on how to plan dog friendly road trips
1) Create or harness your dog when riding in the car. It’s safer for your dog and you’ll be less distracted. Try to exercise your dog before he goes in the car. If he can burn off excess energy he’ll enjoy the ride more.
2) If you do crate your dog in the car, make sure there’s nothing loose in there that can hurt him in case you do get in an accident or have to stop suddenly.
3) Don’t feed your dog a large meal before the ride or during the ride. Dogs are prone to motion sickenss. It’s recommended to give them a small protein snack when you’ve stopped the car at a rest stop.
4) When the weather is warm we urge you to never leave your dog in a parked car. Even with the window cracked, the temperature in the car can rise to a level that affects your dog. He can get dehydrated quickly.
5) If you’re staying at a pet friendly hotel, take your dog for a long walk before you retire to the room. It will help to relax him and acquaint him with the new temporary surroundings.
6) Bringing an indoor dog potty product with you may be an option for the times that you cannot stop or the weather isn’t suitable for taking your dog for a walk. Also, it works wonderful in RV’s and pet friendly hotels.

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UGODOG Tip #17 – Ways to Remove Pet Odor

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Remove Pet Odor
Pet urine can fill a house with the smell of ammonia and other strong scents. Although you may get used to the scent, the longer you go without treating the stain and smell, the harder it will be to remove from your walls, carpet, clothes and furniture. You can get rid of dog urine smells whether they are new or old. Here are some solutions to help you fight the odor.

Vinegar solution
A mixture of three parts water to one part vinegar will usually get rid of dog odor, as well as eliminate the stain. The urine spot must first be soaked up to remove excess liquid before applying the solution. The solution should then saturate the spot and then be blotted up with a dry towel. Once dried, baking soda should be sprinkled over the stain. An additional measure of combining 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide with a small drop of dish detergent can be added to the baking soda. After the mixture is worked into the carpet, it can be vacuumed up. Test a small portion of carpet with the peroxide to see whether discoloring occurs before using the full amount.

Bleach and water
On areas where color cannot be destroyed by bleach, another recipe for removing dog odor is to clean the spot with a solution of bleach and water. After applying the bleach solution, the spot should be cleaned with water several times after to avoid leaving any residual bleach in the area

Apply Borax to the stain to remove the urine odor. It is used in much the same way as baking soda by sprinkling over the spot, rubbing in with some water and towel blotting the remaining residue. Borax must be used with care however; ingesting less than 5 grams of Borax is lethal to children and pets.

Simple Stain and Odor Remover
With Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover every pet owner can now breathe a sigh of relief. Stains and odors will be gone with the use of Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover on the area in question. However tough or old the stain or odor, this formula will help get rid of it. This is a nontoxic product too. It is available in 32 oz, 64 oz and 1 gallon sizes.
Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover
• Spray bottle for easy use
• Convenient pack
• Stain/odor eliminator

Buy Simple Stain Remover Now

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Having trouble with your dog not listening?

Friday, September 20th, 2013

If you’re having trouble with your dog not listening to you, click here for dog training advice and tips on our UGODOG blog!

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As we all know, pets live for treats! here’s a useful tip from UGODOG about Ideas for good treats to use in training. Enjoy!

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

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