7 Best Celebrites with their Puppies

A purse dog comes with two meanings. You’ve got the purse that’s shaped like a puppy, popular with young girls everywhere as they can keep trinkets, money and jewelry in a purse that looks like a stuffed animal but is cute enough to pet. The other kind of purse dog is what the stuffed animal purses are most likely trying to mimic, though one look at these dogs and it could be the other way around. A living purse dog is a puppy that’s from a small enough breed that they can fit into a purse. They’ve become all the darlings of Hollywood as celebrities walk down the red carpet with these dogs under their arm. Can you say cute? It’s not just little girls who gush these purse puppies with all kinds of affection.

Taylor Momsen

The American actress, singer and star of the show Gossip Girl is all the talk of the town with this fluffy ball that she might as well have picked out in a toy store. You’d expect this pooch to be battery operated, but forget to take it for a walk, and you’ll soon find the batteries have leaked all over the carpet. This puppy is so cute you could almost sneak it through airport security, until it starts whimpering for love.


Ashley Tisdale

The American actress, singer and television producer can be seen hitting the premiere of High School Musical with this stuffed animal that yaps. It’s so small and fluffy, you’d swear there was a toy inside. The star of the 2009 film Aliens in the Attic has found a pooch so cute you’d swear it was from another planet where guard dogs are the size of cute fluffy pillows.


Britney Spears

It’s hard to believe this pretty little pooch of Spears can survive such trauma as being the night time companion of one of America’s most controversial party celebrities. We can only hope she lets the ball of fluff drive home. It’s a cute little dog, but you kind of feel sorry for her after the owner she got stuck with.


Blake Lively

The star of the TV show Gossip Girl gives her miniature Benji a scolding after it peed on her party dress. Bet she made it to the party to be the gossip of the town. Dogs need to go for walks, Blake, even if they are the size of furry slippers. Seems like Blake should be getting the scolding, since the puppy probably doesn’t know how to flush.


Lauren Conrad

The star of the MTV reality series Laguna Beach looks like it’s found the meaning of Zen in Conrad’s arms. This puppy may take a big purse, but if it’s small enough to be carried like a baby, it still qualifies as a purse dog.


Amanda Bynes

Named one of Teen People’s “25 Hottest Stars Under 25,” Bynes totes this adorable pooch everywhere she goes. The look of fear in his eyes makes you wonder if he’s watching out for the paparazzi, or maybe he’s worried he might end up as Bynes’ next fur coat. Now that’s incentive for puppy discipline training. Pee on this jacket, buddy, and you just may become the next.


Paris Hilton

Paris’ dog looks so small it could fit inside a pocket, let alone a purse. A little bigger than a gerbil, this dog puts on the cute. Too bad it has to put up with Paris. A night with Paris and Britney is enough to leave any pooch dreaming of the dog house. At least his is probably air conditioned with its own Jacuzzi and professional puppy masseuse.


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