The Annual Cost of Dog Litter Boxes vs. Pee Pee Pads

Potty training a dog is generally a lengthy process which costs the owner valuable time, money and countless amounts of patience and it is for that reason that selecting the right product right off the bat is so significant. When deciding between purchasing a dog litter box or pee pee pads, there are many factors to consider. At first glance it may appear as though both are viable potty training and indoor toilet solutions, however there are some great financial advantages associated with the litter boxes. This guide indicates the financial upsides to training your dog to use an indoor dog litter box rather than a pee pee pad in terms of equipment costs, additional expenses, and their overall environmental impact.

The Numbers:

Speaking strictly in terms of numbers, a dog litter box is a more sound financial investment. A dog litter box requires the one time purchase of the litter box (roughly $50), and with pee pee pads the expense is cumulative. Consider the following scenario: if your dog utilizes two pads per day at $18 for a package of 30 pee pee pads, that owner is facing a $450 a year expenditure on pee pee pads alone. For five years at this same rate, this dog owner is likely to spend $2,250 on pee pee pads. The annual cost of pee pee pads measured in the cost of pads alone illustrates how indoor litter boxes are a more financially feasible option. Moreover, when owners take into account the price of correcting certain problems intrinsic to pee pee pads, the true annual cost advantage of indoor litter boxes becomes evidently clear.

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Pee pads are not a perfect invention and have inherent problems associated with their usage. How do urine stained paw prints on your clean carpet sound? Or puppy pee on your hardwood floors? Dogs stepping on a pee pee pad are essentially stepping in their own urine which they then track throughout the house. Conversely, the dog litter boxes have grates which prevent even the smallest of dogs from stepping in their own urine which is safely stowed in the space below. A dog’s tracks of urine throughout the house will have accumulative costs associated with steam cleaning carpets, furniture and odor eliminating procedures. It becomes shockingly apparent that dry paws equal happy dog owners.

Aside from tracking pee throughout the house, pee pads are also known for their leakage problems. This leakage can be as a result of the dog simply urinating more than the pee pad can handle or a defective pee pee pad. Regardless of why the pad is leaking, the result is the same: soaking your home with your dog’s urine while you are away. Continued leakage in the same place will cause undo costly damage to wood and carpet surfaces, and not to mention anything else it touches. A dog litter box is does not leak and is built for easy cleaning.

There are also certain problems with using pee pee pads that are unique to puppies. Puppies like to explore, dig and chew on things and pee pee pads are a potential target. Puppies are known for chewing pee pee pads into tiny pieces and then playing with them thereby leaving urine soaked pieces throughout the house.


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Environmental Cost:

With everyone making strides towards being more environmentally sustainable, the ecological cost of your dog’s potty training or indoor toilet should also be point of consideration. With landfills already reaching maximum capacity, pee pee pads are only further attributing to the loss of landfill space as they do not breakdown easily. On the other hand, an indoor dog litter box can be lined with old newspapers which can be discarded and recycled at the end of the each day. (It should be noted that indoor litter boxes do not require newspaper to be fully operational.)

Indoor dog litter boxes are a more economical indoor pet bathroom solution than pee pee pads. Not only is the one time purchase fee associated with a dog litter box less than the yearly expense of pee pee pads, but the additional costs associated with repairing the subsequent effects on home flooring and furniture from potential pee pad leaks and urine paw print stains, makes the decision between these two options crystal clear: dog litter boxes are more cost effective. This financial consideration coupled with the overall environmental cost of pee pee pads, in comparison to a dog litter boxes’ minimal carbon footprint, catapults indoor dog litter boxes as the best option.

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