Dog Friendly Road Trips

Planning a road trip are some of the most wonderful times any of us will experience and why not experience it with your beautiful dog? Why shouldn’t they enjoy the trip with their family like everyone else?
Travel Dog
Here are some tips on how to plan dog friendly road trips
1) Create or harness your dog when riding in the car. It’s safer for your dog and you’ll be less distracted. Try to exercise your dog before he goes in the car. If he can burn off excess energy he’ll enjoy the ride more.
2) If you do crate your dog in the car, make sure there’s nothing loose in there that can hurt him in case you do get in an accident or have to stop suddenly.
3) Don’t feed your dog a large meal before the ride or during the ride. Dogs are prone to motion sickenss. It’s recommended to give them a small protein snack when you’ve stopped the car at a rest stop.
4) When the weather is warm we urge you to never leave your dog in a parked car. Even with the window cracked, the temperature in the car can rise to a level that affects your dog. He can get dehydrated quickly.
5) If you’re staying at a pet friendly hotel, take your dog for a long walk before you retire to the room. It will help to relax him and acquaint him with the new temporary surroundings.
6) Bringing an indoor dog potty product with you may be an option for the times that you cannot stop or the weather isn’t suitable for taking your dog for a walk. Also, it works wonderful in RV’s and pet friendly hotels.

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