Dog Whispering- Can Anyone Do It?

Have you ever wished you could talk to your dog or know what they’re thinking? Well, some dog trainers believe you can through various uses of body language and other “non-aggressive” techniques. “Dog Whispering”, as the training technique is called, has been gaining notoriety among many professional dog trainers, as well as with the general public through the growing popularity of National Geographic’s The Dog Whisperer.

The technique of dog whispering is derived from the concept of horse whispering, developed in the early 19th century by Daniel Sullivan. The prevailing idea of dog whispering is that body language, tone of voice, and other “non-aggressive” techniques are much more effective than “command” techniques. Learning what types of tone and body language to use, as well as what your dog is trying to communicate to you are the first steps to becoming an effective dog whisperer.

Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to help communicate with and train your dog.

• Dogs may understand a few command words, but little more than that. If you want to communicate with your dog, you must do it through the tone of your voice.
• Understanding dog body language and what your body language communicates is a major factor in successfully communicating with your dog.
• When approaching a dog, try coming from the side. Lower yourself to around the dog’s eye level. These actions will show the dog that you aren’t being intimidating or threatening.
• Establish yourself as the “pack leader”. Don’t allow your dog to run things, so to speak. As “pack leader”, your dog will look to you for stability and will be submissive rather than aggressive.
• While communicating with you dog can bring you closer, it is always important to establish rules and boundaries with your dog. Remember that you are the owner, and must take responsibility for your dog’s actions.

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