Oh Those Crazy Celebrity Dog Owners!

Ah, celebs and dogs. It’s a recipe for love, companionship and of course, all kinds of crazy. In case you missed them, here’s a brief recap of some top stories from Canine Hollywood:


Paris Hilton

Almost single-handedly responsible for the dog-in-purse phenomenon that has swept the country like a bad line dance over the past few years, Ms. Hilton was recently voted the 2007 Worst Dog Owner in America by two leading pet publications. While I’m sure they meant to add “For anyone not named Vick” to the end of that category, there’s no denying that when you start “losing” your Chihuahuas and replacing them with cuter ones, you are not going to endear yourself to PETA. Wow, I wonder who she unseated as 2006 Worst Dog owner in America? They would have to be a special kind of person…


Britney Spears

The Brit won the same award in 2006 based on the fact that after meeting Kevin Federline, the three she’d been carrying for years just upped and disappeared. No more photo ops before the logo wall, no more late night trips to Pinkberry. Just up and gone. And we all thought that K-Fed was only allergic to work. Silly us.


Tori Spelling

Did you know that Tori Spelling is the judge of honor at an annual Halloween pet costume contest held in West Los Angeles? Well, she is. Just saying.

Ellen Degeneres

What’s all the fuss about? Ellen and her life partner Portia DeRossi adopted an adorable Brussells Griffon mix that turned out to be a bad fit in their household. So they gave the dog to Ellen’s hairdresser – who brought it home to her kids. Happy ending, right? Celeb finds loving family for dog. Not so fast. Evidently, the agency where Ellen adopted the pooch wasn’t notified of the hand-off – a violation of the adoption agreement. Next thing you know, they send the doggie-Gestapo to reclaim the pooch from some surely now-scarred-forever kids. Even a tearful on-screen plea by Ellen herself couldn’t move the agency to change their mind.


Michael Vick

Moving on…

Doris Day

The always-spunky 60’s film star owns the Cypress Inn, a luxury dog-friendly hotel located near Carmel California where the restaurants prepare special meals for your pets and serve them table side. In other news, when in Carmel, people without dogs eat elsewhere.

And now the good…


Joss Stone

Enough with the negative and weird. Joss Stone permanently planted herself in the good graces of dog owners everywhere after her tremendous efforts to save the abandoned pets left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The teenage singing sensation recorded PSAs and spent countless hours volunteering for the North Shore Animal League – the organization charged with saving pets lost in the storm. Kudos!

Tori Spelling

We don’t want to leave you thinking Ms. Spelling is just a contest-judging oddball. Actually, she’s made incredible things happen with her organization Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles. The non-for-profit group raises awareness in the community and helps find suitable homes for abandoned dogs and other animals.

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