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Winter Blues

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Winter DaysCold winter days are closing in and it is becoming more and more challenging to go outside for frequent walks. Chances are there are going to be days this winter when you aren’t going to want to go outside at all and neither will your pup. What are you going to do in the house all day? Cabin fever will start to set in quickly. Here are some ideas to get you through the the winter blues.

Doggy Obstacle/Agility Course
Courses can be endlessly arranged in the home to provide new challenges both physically and in your rapid-fire communication with your dog while running a course.

Jumps: Use a a bar that cannot be easily knocked off by your dog’s foot to avoid injury. You can have more than one jump in a set so that you can vary the challenge. You can make jumps inside the house using 2 pieces of plywood (cut exactly the same height) and an old broom handle or sometime teaching your dog to jump over the back of the couch could work.
Chutes: Chutes are a great tool for agility dogs as it teaches them to trust their handle. You can purchase nice quality, and flexible so it folds up flat for storage.
Tunnels: Tunnels can be one of the most fun and challenging parts of an agility course for some dogs, especially since for your dog, going as fast as you can through a long, dark space is an amazing act of trust. So a tunnel is a great addition to your at-home obstacle course.

Exercising with your dog should be fun for both of you, here is how Dog Hide-n-seek works:
1. Select an item–your dog’s favorite toy, a treat, etc. When your dog isn’t looking, hide the item. If your dog is new at this, start off with the item under a pillow or behind a table close enough to find. If your dog is a pro, make it challenging.
2. Now tell your dog “Find it!” Run along with your dog, encouraging him as you go.
3. Be sure to offer lots of praise when your dog finds the item.
4. Now, it’s your turn! Be creative and think up new ways to play Doggy Hide and Seek.

Indoor Dog Potty
While you are stuck inside inevitably your dog will have to go potty. If you are snowed in or just to raining outside and neither of you want to deal with the cold weather, then you can consider training your dog to go inside. UGODOG is a easy to use potty system, once your dog is trained it will alleviate the worry of how to get outside each time your pup has to use the toilet.

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Love Your Pet UGODOG Promotion

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

To celebrate Valentines day and the love for your pet, PawCheck® and UGODOG® are having a joint-promotion during the month of February. To all loving pet parents concerned about the well-being of their pets, a free PawCheck® Diabetes home-test is offered with every purchase of an UGODOG® dog potty training system.
UGODOG FREE Wellness test kit
PawCheck® are easy-to-use urine home tests enabling pet parents to monitor common health conditions of their dogs in the comfort of their home. If your dogs show suspicious symptoms, are overweight or middle-aged, early screening for Diabetes is recommended.

UGODOG® is the world’s most popular and easy to use dog potty and house training system. It keeps your dog’s paws dry, is convenient and easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. It is a must-have for dogs who live indoors and need multiple opportunities daily to urinate without having to go outdoors. UGODOG® also makes for a very convenient and easy way to collect urine for testing using PawCheck® test kits. The urine passes through the grates and collects in the tray below where it can be easily accessed with a PawCheck® dipstick.

PawCheck® and UGODOG® together form the first ever integrated solution for convenient in-home monitoring of your pet’s health.

Please visit and for more information.

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APA Approved Indoor Potty That’s Better Than Fake Grass

Monday, September 30th, 2013

There are many different types of dog potty systems available for dogs and their owners to help them . There are artificial grass dog potty systems, pee pads and plastic grate systems. So, it’s no wonder that dog owners are confused as to which type and which product within that type is the best dog potty system for their dog.
UGODOG APA Approved Let’s see if we can help you to find your perfect dog training system.
The ONLY Indoor Dog Potty System With American Pet Association’s Approval
There is ONLY ONE indoor dog potty product that is approved by the American Pet Association and has received a 5 Star rating from the APA. That is the UGODOG product. APA 5 Stars is the approval of a product based on APA Testing and research that insures a product is approved for real world intended usage and is considered safe, humane and as-advertised.
We are so very proud of our dog potty product and that’s certainly a sentiment many of our clients share.
My very tiny 1.8 pound, 9 week old havanese puppy uses the Ugodog with no problem. What a smart, simple idea. I don’t want to use piddle pads, which are expensive and environmentally ugly. Plain old newspaper is cheap, abundant, and works just fine. The Ugodog isn’t exactly the same dimensions as the newspaper, but seriously-how much effort does it take to fold it to fit ? No more worrying about wet or soiled unsanitary newspaper on the floor (yuck), nothing shredded to pieces. Cleans up with very little effort. Well worth paying what they ask for the convenience and ease of use, and it pays for itself in a short time with the money saved on piddle pads.”
by Rad Mom on

What exactly does a 5 Star APA Rating Mean?
In order to receive this top rating from the APA, the product must meet the following requirements:
1) Humane Treatment of pets and people (product must be intended to be used, or will commonly be used in such a way that is humane to pets and the treatment of customers and employees must be positive and productive.)
2)Business Ethics (Business must pass a background check and not be involved in questionable or unethical business practices. The product claims and marketing must be factual and not misleading.)
3) Product Quality (Product must be manufactured in such a way and with quality materials so that it meets or exceeds expected lifetime)
4) Safety (The product should be safe for use as intended for both pets and humans.)
5) Ongoing Feedback (Ongoing feedback must be consistent and representative of the initial testing results for a product to remain approved. Approval status can be checked 24/7 at this site)
Our Indoor Dog Potty Goes Beyond The APA Approval
In additional to the coveted APA approval, there are other factors that make the UGODOG indoor dog potty system the best choice for you and your dog.
1) Bacteria Free – our indoor dog potty system has a unique plastic design that makes daily clean up easy and of course, keeps it bacteria free. Pee Pads may leak and artificial grass products are difficult to clean so bacteria can flourish.
2) Easy To Clean – the two grate system in the UGODOG dog potty system can be cleaned with a wet town or in a sink (how easy is that!). Compared to pee pads (which dogs can shred) and grass dog pottys (which require a hose and scrubbing to clean), there’s just no easier indoor dog potty system than the UGODOG product.
3) Cost Effective – because the UGODOG indoor dog potty is created with the highest quality materials it will last so you would most likely only purchase it once. With 2 sizes to choose from, the prices range from $49.95 to $99.95. You probably didn’t know that the average dog owner spends about $400.00 per year on pee pads and that the average cost for a grass indoor dog potty product is about $150.00. Compare these costs to the UGODOG indoor dog potty and it’s a no brainer!
4) Dry Paws – The unique convex shaped grates in the UGODOG dog potty product allows urine to pass through the grates and it then collects in the base so your dog’s paws remain dry. It’s easy to see that with pee pads and with the artificial grass potty systems, that simply is not the case. So, keep your dog from tracking urine throughout the house!
Are you ready to give yourself an easier and better indoor dog potty product? Visit us at and order yours today.

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Having trouble with your dog not listening?

Friday, September 20th, 2013

If you’re having trouble with your dog not listening to you, click here for dog training advice and tips on our UGODOG blog!

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CHEAT SHEET – Training Your Dog to Potty Indoors

Monday, August 5th, 2013

From the Author House Training for Dummies and the writer of the UGODOG Training manual

UGODOG dog training for dummies

UGODOG 5 easy steps

You may want to housetrain your puppy or adult dog to go to the bathroom in an indoor potty area. A dog potty or dog toilet can be some newspapers spread on the floor, a dog litter box (like UGODOGO), or some other device located in a designated area of your home. Here are some housetraining tips that make indoor housetraining a breeze:
• Do consider indoor training if you live in a high-rise apartment, can’t get around easily, and/or have a very small dog.
• Do consider your needs, your dog’s needs, and your home’s layout when deciding where to put the indoor potty.
• Do get a crate for your indoor trainee so that he learns to regulate his potty maneuvers.
• Do use scent and repetition to teach your dog that the indoor potty is the only surface upon which he should take a whiz or make a deposit.
• Do be patient if you move the potty from outdoors to indoors.
• Don’t let your puppy roam freely unless you can watch him.
• Don’t get angry at your puppy for making a mistake; get mad at yourself for giving him a chance to do so.
• Don’t take your indoor trainee outside for a walk or for playtime until after he’s done his business.

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Izzy the Yorkie’s new UGODOG

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Chicago, IL Izzy the Yorkie get his new UGODOG and uses it for the first time.

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