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Why Should You Train Your Dog To Use An Indoor Dog Potty?

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

If you own a dog (or are considering getting one) you know that you will be housebreaking and potty training your newest member of the family. For some, there may be some issues with the task of taking your dog out to “do his business”.

1) Some dogs require more frequent urination and the task of taking your dog out 4 or 6 times a day may end up being either impossible or extremely cumbersome.
2) You may have certain physical limitations that make it extremely difficult (or impossible) to get outside with your dog. You shouldn’t be denied having a dog just because of this.
3) Perhaps your work schedule makes it difficult to take your dog out as often as you should. Again, you shouldn’t be denied having a dog just because of this.

If you can’t provide your beloved dog with a sitter to take him out during the day or night, then you may want to consider training your dog to use an indoor dog potty system like UGODOG. Training your dog to use an indoor potty may take some patience (depending on the age of your dog) but at the end, both you and your dog will find the solution very useful for your problem.

If you start researching indoor dog potty you’ll notice there are a variety of different types and we urge you to do your research to find the system that will work best for you and your dog. Basically, the majority of indoor dog potty systems fall into 2 categories…
a) A fake grass product.
b) A grate product.
The can tell you that the UGODOG is a grate product that are specially designed for the comfort and safety of your dog’s paws. The grate system keeps your dogs paws dry because the urine drips through the grates into the base. This prevents him from tracking that liquid through the house

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Potty Pads and Useful Tips for Housebreaking a Puppy

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Bringing home a new puppy is a matter of great joy and big responsibility. You would certainly not like the new entrant to soil the floors and carpets. Housebreaking a puppy requires good knowledge, right technique and important items like potty pads for puppies. Go through the following sections to learn about each of these aspects before you make the new addition to your family.

Facts for Your Attention!
• Dogs need to relieve at least 6 times a day.
• Puppies fail to learn how to ‘hold it’ until they are about 3 months old.
• Dogs do get worried and anxious for relieving at unsuitable places.

Puppies show willingness and approval to get potty trained.

Things You Need
Potty pads for puppies can be the best accessory in your endeavor. Exercise pens and anything that confines the animal to a particular area of the house is the next thing you need. Invest in some good puppy toys and treats to appreciate it at various stages of the training.

Keeping a Watch
Be ready to devote enough time to keep an eye on the puppy during the initial days. Learn from an experienced dog owner all the signs that dogs show when they feel the desire to relieve. Continuous sniffing, for example, is one such indicator.

Placing the Pads
Place the potty pad away from the dog’s kennel or crate. Keep on shifting the position toward the door leading to the outside every day. After a few days, start placing the potty pads for puppies outdoors. Show more appreciation when the dog uses the outdoor pad! Experiment by placing two pads, one indoor and the other outdoor and see which one the puppy chooses. Reward the puppy whenever it chooses the one placed outside. Remember, you need to help the pet by operating the door.

The Correct Behavior
Housebreaking a puppy depends on how well you behave. Here are some useful things you need to induce in your conduct:
• Use the right command to direct it toward potty pads for puppies. Command properly to ask them to sit and finish the work. It will take time for the pet to become habitual of following your commands.
• Expect the puppy to mess here and there initially. Don’t get angry on such behavior and keep patience to teach the right usage of the pad.
• Always keep ready the dog treats and toys to award your pet whenever it performs well.
• Don’t continuously stare at it while it relieves, and let it finish up properly.
• Learn what to feed and in what quantity. Feeding schedule should also be at place to help the dog stick to a particular potty schedule.

Don’t skip any day of the training. Good quality potty pads for puppies made of absorbent materials are what you need to purchase. Top puppy stores on the internet can help you with the right kind of supply.

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