Official Distributor for European Region

We are proud to introduce a new and unique dog toilet solution called UGODOG! American innovation, UGODOG is now open to the European market via our official distributor located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Questions Regarding the UGODOG Product
Please check the official website for more information about the UGODOG and product reviews.

Interest in Partnership or Distribution Opportunities
For further interest in partnership opportunities, questions regarding pricing, distribution, shipping and volume pricing please contact us either by email or phone.

Contact Information:

Ulgar Manzakoglu +90 533-232-2460

Batu Manzakoglu +90 533-529-5454

Sevan Nagasoglu +90 535-788-9967


Fax: +90 212 255-3744

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Monica, Gulf Breeze, Florida
"I received my UGODOG package yesterday and I am so delighted with the product!! Our dog has taken quite well to the UGODOG product and it's made cleanups much easier!! It was worth the wait. Thank you so much....I truly appreciate your business and will highly recommend your product and your company."
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Dog using the UGODOG

Breaking down a UGODOG