dog training padsIntroducing PawCheck™ Wellness Tests for pets. Early detection can help prevent serious health conditions.

The PawCheck urine strips are patented test devices and specifically designed for home-use: clean handling, no exposure to chemical reagents, easy procedure, results in 2 minutes. The method is uniquely designed for home-use: non-invasive, pain-free, easy and reliable. Test your dog at the first suspicious symptoms or as preventive care, for the following health conditions:
Urinary Tract Infection or General Wellness Test.

Detecting a Urinary Tract Infection Early

Urinary Tract Infection (also called UTI) is usually caused by intestinal or environmental bacteria that enter and ascend the urethra, ultimately proliferating in the urinary bladder. However, affected pets might show no clinical signs, and if the infection is not detected early, it can spread to the kidney and lead to more serious health conditions requiring surgery. The PawCheck Urinary Tract Infection Test detects the following parameters in animal urine: Blood, Leukocytes, also known as white blood cells, and Nitrite, which are indicators of urinary tract pathology. A positive result requires veterinary care.

The following symptoms of urinary tract infection in dogs can be observed:
Frequent urination
Straining or crying out in pain when trying to pass urine
Inappropriate urination in places that are not customary
Urine has strong odor

Screening Pets for the Most Common Health Conditions at an Early Stage

The PawCheck General Wellness Test is a Combo Test enables pet parents with geriatric, overweight or at risk pets to monitor their petís general health conditions on an ongoing basis. Symptoms that are disease related might not be noticeable for pet parents.

This test detects 3 key parameters in pet urine: Blood, Glucose and Protein. Hematuria is a condition which causes blood to be present in urine and indicates serious underlying diseases ranging from infection or inflammation of the urinary tract to cancer. Glucose in urine is an indication of Diabetes that needs to be screened and monitored regularly. It is a very common disease with older and overweight pets. Protein is an indicator of Kidney Failure. Too frequently, Kidney Failure is detected at a late stage due to lack of obvious symptoms. A positive result requires veterinary care.

Animal Urine Collection is Necessary to Test

In order to test for potential infections or diseases with either PawCheck Pet Wellness Test pet owners are required to collect a small amount of urine (about 2ml or a teaspoon) to run the test. Collect urine in the base or your UGODOG or free catch with small container. Urine should be relatively fresh and used within 1 hour after it is excreted.

How-To-Use the PawCheck Home Wellness Kit

The PawCheck urine strips are patented test devices and specifically designed for home-use: clean handling, no exposure to chemical reagents, easy procedure, results in 2 minutes.

Remove paw cap.

Dip exposed tip of device into pet urine for 10 seconds.

Place device on a flat surface for 2 minutes.

Compare color(s) of reagent pad(s) on strip to color block(s) on chart provided. Compare color(s) of reagent pad(s) on strip to color block(s) on chart provided.

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections: Train Your Dog to use the UGODOG

Did you know that forcing your dog to hold his urine for more than 5 hours can lead to bladder infections? Most veterinarians recommend urine relief every 4 hours for best health, while 4-6 hours is okay.. 8 is not too bad OCCASIONALLY. But anything more than that can be cruel. Research shows that dogs who go for long periods of time (8+ hours) on a regular basis Ė without eliminating urine have a greater risk of developing bladder infections or cystitis, a bacterial infection of the lining of the bladder. Urethral infections in both males and females often precede bouts of cystitis. Urinary stones can occur as a result of cystitis. The bacteria form a nidus (a central point) around which the stone eventually develops.

Read more about this topic and ways to prevent and treat bladder infections:

The Importance of Monitoring your Pet's Urination

Although familiarizing yourself with your petís urination may not be the most glamorous part of pet ownership, knowing a bit about what is coming out of your pet is just as important as knowing what is going in. Obvious abnormalities in urination (i.e. blood in the urine, frequent urination of very small amounts, foul odor, vocalizing in pain while urinating, etc.) indicate a need for immediate medical attention. For this reason, it is a real benefit for pet owners to visually confirm their dogís urinary behavior or inspect the catís litter box at least once per day. More subtle abnormalities can also indicate ongoing disease processes. Understanding your petís normal urination behaviors will make it easier to detect changes that are concerning.

Jill Tessler, DVM

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