Indoor Dog Potty

UGODOG is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system.

SINGLE - For Small Dogs
Perfect for puppies and small to
mid-sized dogs up to 35-40lbs.
single size indoor dog potty

49.95 for single size indoor dog potty

DOUBLE - For Large Dogs
Great for larger breed dogs or dogs who like more space to do their business.
double size indoor dog poty

99.95 for double size indoor dog potty

What Makes Our Indoor Dog Potty Different!

  • THE ONLY indoor dog potty awarded 5 Stars and approved by the American Pet Association
  • Bacteria & odor reducing design
  • Keeps paws dry
  • High-quality and sturdy plastic
  • Grates are specially designed for comfort & safety of paws
  • UGODOG absorbent liners are reusable, washable & biodegradable

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Watch this informative video about how to use our indoor dog litter box from its inventor Mike Havluciyan

Grass is not always cleaner!
Better than fake grass
Indoor Dog Potty Products with fake grass...
  • Accumulate and trap harmful bacteria
  • Are more timely and costly to maintain and clean properly
  • Traps offensive odors that are difficult to eliminate
  • Disguises waste so it is difficult to know when to clean


How To Use The UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty System
  • The UGODOG pet potty has two detachable grates, engineered to comfortably cushion your dog’s paws
  • Once daily, remove the grates and rinse your biodegradable UGODOG absorbent liners, or replace soiled newspaper
  • Lift the grates to place UGODOG biodegradable absorbent liners or newspaper in the base
  • Liquid waste drips through the grates into the base, and solid waste settles on top in the base of the UGODOG
  • Choose either a Single UGODOG or a Double UGODOG depending on the breed of your dog
  • Try our reusable liners for the base of the UGODOG - use instead of newspaper in the base of the UGODOG for easy cleanup.
  • Reusable absorbent liners can be rinsed in warm water, hung dry and reused at least three times each

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- Reuse each liner up to 3X
- Makes clean-ups easier
- Biodegradable
- Each liner fits perfectly into
  the UGODOG base
- Economical

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Written by
bestselling author of
"Housetraining For Dummies"

- 5 Easy Steps to
   housetraining your dog or    puppy on a UGODOG
- Tips given by expert trainer    Susan McCullough
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Breaking down a UGODOG