Sponsored Dog Adoptions

UGODOG Proud To Donate To Various Dog Rescues Around The World

UGODOG - Will donate to various rescues around the US. We are starting in Los Angeles with Karma Rescue next will expand to Arizona.

UGODOG - Will sponsor a dog every month from the selected rescue shelters and give a free UGODOG to the adopted parent of the particular dog. In addition UGODOG will donate UGODOG's to be used as training units for the shelters. Averaging 2-3 UGODOGs per shelter per month.

karma rescue


Karma Rescue saves at-risk dogs from the high kill Los Angeles area shelters. Karma provides each dog a new beginning and finds them safe and suitable permanent homes through adoption, advocacy and education.

What makes Karma special is we consider any dog we rescue a Karma dog for life. For example, we have a dog who just came back to us because his owner was ill and could not longer care for the dog. Another example, is one of our dogs Darla moved with her adoptive parent to Colorado and they dumped her in a shelter. The shelter was able to trace her back to us and we brought her back to California and she is in good hands and on the way to finding what we hope is her true forever home.

Adoptions held most Saturdays at Petco on Westwood Blvd, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM

Address is:
1873 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90025

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