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Larissa, Dobbs Ferry, New York
"I just want to say THANK YOU!! The Ugo-Dog has been the best purchase I've made in a while, and solved so many problems. When I used the regular wee-wee pads my puppy would rip them up and eat them during the day when I was at work, and pee on the floor. I didn't know what to do and that's when I discovered your site. I bought one right away, and tada!! no more problems. He took to it right away, and no more worries about eating the pad because he doesnt know how to get the lid off :-) Plus his feet stay dry and clean. My little Dexter is so funny and knows he gets a treat after he uses the Ugo-Dog, now he will go pee on it, then run to the shelf with his treats and try and drag the bag down to reward himself.....LOL I attached his picture just so you can see my happy little guy! To anyone who's having doubts about it,...DON'T...just buy it, you won't regret it! Thanks again!!!"

Michael, New York, New York
"Going potty on the UGODOG--been a life-saver!"

Joanie, Coventry, Connecticut
"My name is Joanie and I live in Coventry, CT. I just want to let you know how much I love the UGODOG. If anyone is on the fence about buying this, please read my story....

I have 2 Italian Greyhound puppies. IGs do very well with potty training indoors (or so they said - IGs don't do well with potty training anywhere but because of their size, they can be trained to go indoors). I started out using potty pads. I would often come home after being away for a couple of hours to a room that looked like it had snowed. They would start tearing and pulling at them and before long, had completely ripped the thing to shreds. I knew this was going to be a problem so thought about getting the fake grass potty. My concern with that option is that my dogs love to eat grass so the last thing I wanted was to come home to was all of the grass being pulled out and then dealing with the diarreah. I continued my search and came across the UGODOG website. This one started to sound good. I liked the idea of not having to use the potty pads but the option of putting the potty pads, newspaper, papertowels, etc. under the grate to collect the urine was very appealing; or, just pick up the tray and dispose of the urine.

So, I thought, what do I have to lose, I purchased one. I liked it so well and the puppies adapted so well to it that I ordered another one because with two puppies, they really didn't want to share the one. Two worked so well, that I ordered one more; just in case there was a poopie on each one, then they had a spare and wouldn't have to get next to the poopie one! It's been several months now and these things have saved my life and kept me from going insane.

Seriously, if you are not sure about this product, I can only say I have had WONDERFUL results with dogs that are very hard to potty train. These are easy to clain and very sturdy. You will love these!"

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Monica, Gulf Breeze, Florida
"I received my UGODOG package yesterday and I am so delighted with the product!! Our dog has taken quite well to the UGODOG product and it's made cleanups much easier!! It was worth the wait. Thank you so much....I truly appreciate your business and will highly recommend your product and your company."